Linocuts, cute maiko-san, the geigi of Atami, and other things I like!

Some notes about Act 4 - Masquerade.

That junior league asshat Jadeite is still alive! What?!?

Sailor Moon gets her new tiara (the old one was ‘burnt’, not lost on Jadeite’s corpse).
But when she uses the new tiara attack, she doesn’t say ‘Moon Twilight Flash’.

Usagi isn’t drunk at the party this time, but napping on the balcony. Tuxedo Mask finds her there, and still gets his smooch without consent. It’s a bit creepy still. But at least she hasn’t been drinking.

She arrived today!
My local Animega ran out of plushies, so I had to order her from

She arrived today!
My local Animega ran out of plushies, so I had to order her from

Well… I preordered the pen set.
Never in my life did I imagine I’d buy $70 worth of pens. That’s nearly $15 a pen.
That’s it, I think I’ve gone insane.


Did you catch the hidden appearance of Reika and Unazuki in Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3?


Henshin complete!

My vacation is coming to an end soon, and I’ll be returning to RL and a new job. As such, my updates are going to become a lot less regular again as I’ll have a lot of things to get into order. In the mean time I hope you’re enjoying this story and I will try to get as many pages done before my vaca is over. :)

I went gachaponing today! First try, I got Princess Serenity! (She has bare feet?!?) And for once, I managed to get the whole set without too many extras!

milkdroid asked:

I've received your package! Once again , Thank you so much! I will promote your printmaking etsy on my facebook! Of course , With your permission.

Oh, wow! Good! Thanks for letting me know!


Moon Pride CD & Blu-ray! Check the shopping guide for links to buy!

'Moon Pride'

Lookie what I picked up after work!!

It’s the Sailor Moon version of Momoiro Clover’s ‘Moon Pride’.