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We shall punish you…in the name of the MOON!

Minako: zeronovoid


「ムーン・スティック  | via Tumblr on We Heart It


「ムーン・スティック  | via Tumblr on We Heart It

earthflames asked:

I love following you, it's so much fun watching other Sailor Moon fans geek out and getting to see all the cool Sailor Moon themed things there are in Japan right now. And your art is really pretty!

Thank you so much! I’m glad that you get some enjoyment from following me! I need to get over my print-maker’s block, don’t I? I’m so sorry that I’ve been letting my fans down. A family member of mine was murder in February. Since then, I haven’t been able to do anything.

You know, buying all these goods now feels so empowering. I grew up very poor, and in an unstable situation. I could never have any Sailor Moon goods then, not even a bootleg doll. But now, nothing can stop me!!

It arrived this evening! Proplica’s Moon Stick! It’s an extremely, extremely high quality piece of craftsmanship. Every detail is correct. Interestingly, it takes three LR44 batteries instead of AA batteries like the previous models.

By removing or attaching the Ginzuishou (by pressing in the spheres at the base of the crescent), you can change the sound effects it makes to match the events of the show.

The wand turns off and on by twisting the base. It has three positions; the star mark on the left will just play music and effects, off in the center, and the crescent mark will include Sailor Moon’s voice too!

It snaps into the display stand making the wand secure on your shelf in case of earthquakes. The Ginzuishou can be places in a large crystal for safekeeping too!

Toshisumi-san’s tenugui!

Toshisumi-san’s tenugui!

Yesterday, I went to Miyagawacho’s Kyo Odori. We bought first-class tickets and did the tea serve beforehand. But my friend had the best luck!!! Sitting to the right of me both times, she was served the tea by the maiko-san directly, then later she caught Toshisumi-san’s tenugui!

Today, I went to the mooniest place on earth, Cafe Talisman. I got my nickname on a Sailor cake and cafe latte art, ordered a ‘Galaxia’ drink, and ate Princess Kakyuu’s recommended dish, Chicken tomato doria! All while listening to an amazing BGM/cover song selection in a memorabilia-cover paradise.

nuus-cusps asked:

Hi! Just letting you know the Sailor Moon brooch I won from your giveaway arrived. It's soooo pretty :3 Thank you so much! x

Hooray! I’m glad it got to you intact!

I’m headed to Kyoto and Osaka this weekend. There might be some covert (or not so covert) cosplay going on.

I’m happy to have a chance to use my Vivi magazine Sailor Moon leather pouch. It’s nice for a freebie, but I’m worried about the screen printing holding up.